The Leaves of the Tree Dojo was a makeshift fortress within the Shinomen Mori, where members of the juzimai known as the Forest-Killers were trained. It was built under the leadershio of the original founder of the group, Miroto. [1]

Training Edit

Every who applied to enter the group was accepted, they woul swiftly silence those who abandoned them or could not pull their weight. The training was basic and ruthless, in an area within the Shinomen. It included stealth, silence, swordplay and other martial skills needed to dispatch a target swiftly and easily. They learned that in the Empire, a man could survive with nothing else but a swift blade. [2]

Known Techniques Edit

Sensei Edit

One or two of the elder members generally shoulder the responsibility of training a new recruit, or the leader himself assigned such a mentor. [2]

Known Sensei Edit


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