Leatherworker's Quarter

Leatherworker Quarter

Leatherworker Quarter was a large, sprawling eta district of Ryoko Owari Toshi. It was located outside the city walls south of the Fisherman's Quarter, reached by the Wretched Gate from that district and by the Dragon Bridge from the Noble Quarter on the eastern riverbank. [1]

First residents Edit

The first pleasure section at Ryoko Owari was located in the current Leatherworker Quarter, too close to the Noble Quarter. After the Lion invasion this area was destroyed, and the Governor legislated to conduct those activities onto Teardrop Island, where they could be more readily isolated from the rest of society. The eta settled in the ruins, because the Bridge of the Dragon allowed the leatherworkers to clean the Noble Quarter much more quickly. [2]

Appearance Edit

The quarter had a distinctive smell produced by the type of work that named it. The aspect of the area was flat because there were few structures above one story. Their unpaved roads made brown the predominant colour, being the buildings covered with mud. The inhabitants were not allowed to dye their clothes. [3]

Distribution by profession Edit

The majority of mortuary workers stayed near the cemetery in the Little Shadowlands, the kageshiru kept to the south in the Festering Pit, and the proper leather workers lived in the Dragon's Shadow. [4] This distinction was largely eliminated by the Shadowlands attack during the Clan War, which decimated most buildings and many inhabitants. [5]

Neighborhoods Edit

Shadowed Tower Edit

The Shadowed Tower conspiracy built an underground compound just ourtside the quarter. It became famous in certain circles as a place where the jaded could find entertainment. [6] The Tower used eta from this quarter as the receptacles for the Taint they drained away from their corrupted shugenja. During the fall of the Tower conspiracy, the loyalist Scorpion executed a large number of corrupted peasants, fostering bitterness in the hearts of many eta that were ostensibly being “rescued.” [5]

Burning Edit

In 1172 the Quarter burned to the ground. The fire was began by the Scorpion Clan, to destroy a threat to the Empire without any doubt. [7]


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