Clan War Information Edit

A Leader Package is a member of a unit who have received special training in leadership functions. [1] These lower officers allow daimyo to position their troops with more confidence when they are unable to assign more renown leaders to each of their units. [2]

  • Chui (Lieutenant) - 20 Koku: they are aggressive leaders, and tactical geniuses.
  • Gunso (Sergeant) - 15 Koku: they are the backbone of any army, which lives or dies by following commands to the letter.
  • Nikutai (Corporal) - 10 Koku: the lowest commanding rank in an army, they are a stepping stone to glory, allowing advancement to higher ranks and greater authority.
  • Guardians - 40 Koku: only available to the Phoenix Clan, were bushi trained to work with shugenja in leadership roles, who even may participate, as secondary shugenja, in Ritual Magic. [3]

Naga Edit

In the case of the Naga they bear a simple title to note the prowess of the Leadership Package. [4]


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