Laughing Plains Village was the largest of the four settlements located near Nazo Mori, beign the others Lost Village, Sacred Forest Village, and Iron Heart Village. The farming village was named for the merriment of children who played in the fields that adjoin the forest's edge while their parents harvested the crops. [1]

Ominous Event Edit

During one of the many festivals the villagers of Lost Village carried their celebration into the Forest of the Enigmas itself, lighting a bonfire and dancing and singing there. Only one villager did not dare to call the forest's wrath. He returned two days later, and the complete village was empty, with no trace of the two hundred souls who lived there. The people of the other settlements burned the entire village to the ground, and the area was avoided by everyone in the region. These denizens of the forest made the villagers to become somber, paralyzed with fear, terrified to deviate from their daily routines. [2]


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