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RPG Information Edit

Languages (Advantage, 1 point per human language, 3 points for non-human languages) [Mental] [1]

Characters with the Languages advantage were able to read, write, and speak a new language, which included the following: Ashalan, Bakemono, Chikushudo, High Rokugani, Ivindi, kami, Mekhem (a common language in the Burning Sands), Moto, Mujina, Naga, nezumi, Ogre Language, Oni, Rokugani, Senpet, Tsuno, Yobanjin, [2] Ningyo, Ruhmal, [3] Troll [4] Zokujin, [5] Ra'Shari [6] and Jackal Code. [7]

Characters Known to Have this Advantage Edit


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