Written By: Nancy Sauer
Edited By: Fred Wan
Released: September 2006
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1168

Landscapes is a fiction written by Nancy Sauer and edited by Fred Wan. It was first released on the Alderac Forums on the 2nd of September 2006. [2]

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Daidoji Yaichiro

Daidoji Yaichiro

It opens upon the southern parts of the Dragon Heart Plains, in the camp of the dragon forces retreating from Kosaten Shiro. They stopped there for supplies from Nanashi Mura, and the crane forces are not to far away. The generals of the two forces are planning, and meanwhile Daidoji Yaichiro finds time to paint. While painting he is joined by Daidoji Gempachi. They speak of old times and Gempachi comments upon having just been promoted to gunso and hearing that Yaichiro has been made chui. Their discussion turns to the fall of Kosaten Shiro, the seppuku of Doji Ran and the escape of Daigotsu Rekai from Kosaten Shiro.

Later Yaichiro and Gempachi are fighting in the area that Yaichiro had been painting previously. The Dragon army was using the better knowledge of the area to their advantage, but the Crane army did not let itself be pushed back. The signal for the attack is given to the Crane, and Yaichiro and Gempach charge towards the Dragon.

Later again, we find Yaichiro upon the battle field now without his yari and water bottle. It is raining, and around Yaichiro about a quarter of his command is still alive. The Dragon had managed to push back the Crane line, and Yaichiro's group became lost in the confusion. Nearby a group of Mirumoto are moving towards Yaichiro's hiding place. Realizing the path the Mirumoto were on would lead them behind the Crane army, Yaichiro became aware of what he had to do. Yaichiro informs Gempachi of the situation who then crawls back to the men to inform them. Yaichiro decides at what point on the Mirumotos path they will attack them.

A little later, Yaichiro is holding his wounded left arm and Gempachi is lying propped up against a nearby boulder. The Crane were saved by the timely arrival of the lion army, who drove the Mirumoto back with their presence. Gempachi is enjoying the brief respite, but Yaichiro is worrying about the Dragon. Gempachi tells Yaichiro he cannot worry, and instead invites him to a geisha house in Nanashi Mura.

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