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The purpose of this article is to provide some rules and guidelines for the use of images on the L5R Wiki. The following rules do not claim to be the last word on the matter. One way is often as good as another, but if everyone does it the same way, the L5R Wiki will be easier to read and use, not to mention easier to write and edit. There are certain ways that images should be used, both in format and name.

Image type Edit

In most cases, an image for use on the wiki should be a JPG file or PNG file uploaded via the Upload file page. Images should be optimized for the web. Images' dimensions should generally be as large as possible, though they should still be of acceptable quality.

Mon Edit

New mon images should be PNG files. Formerly, mon were preferred to be GIF files, but the old images should now be converted to PNG. Using JPG files for mon is highly discouraged.

Other file types Edit

Other file formats, including BMP files, are never desirable.

Image name Edit

When uploading the file, be sure to give it a meaningful name which describes its content and more importantly, its use on the L5R Wiki. For example, "shibamirabu_553.jpg" is not helpful; "Shiba_Mirabu.jpg" is.

An article's main image should have the same title as the article (i.e., "Shiba Mirabu.jpg" or "Tao of Shinsei.jpg"). Article infobox templates, such as {{People}}, should automatically search for this image and use it if it exists.

Image size Edit

Images should generally be as large as possible. Images that are wider than they are tall are preferred, as tall images often stretch outside of the paragraph they are intended to illustrate. The best ratio is one that is similar to the images as they appear on the CCG cards.

Replacing images Edit

An article's main image should generally be the most recently published image of the subject. New images should replace the old ones, again using the article's title.

Occasionally, a newer image will be of a lesser quality for our purposes (that is, showing the subject of the article). This can be for many reasons, such as the new picture is an action shot and does not show the subject itself well, The new picture is not available at the same resolution as the old one, or the new picture is simply a poor representation of the subject. In these cases, consensus should be reached regarding the decision to replace an older image on the article's talk page.

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