Kyujutsu was the most commonly accepted form of archery in Rokugan. It was a fast method of firing a bow, relying primarily on instincitve aim, feel and experience. The Unicorn Clan developed an alternate skill, known as Yomanri, which practiced carefully aiming.[1]

Kyujutsu is considered synonymous with the sentence "The Arrow Knows the Way". [2]

Training Edit

Envisioning the Shot Edit

First, archers were taught to focus on their own body and mind before they ever think of their target. When they could envision their shot with perfect clarity, standing and breathing correctly, they were allowed to begin using a bo without arrows. [3]

Drawing the Bow Edit

Second , archers were taught the proper way to draw the bow. In kyujutsu the bow was raised above the archer's head and then lowered as he pushed out on the bow and pulled backward on the string. Once he kept his footing aligned properly and his breathing was in sync with his draw, he was allowed to actually fire an arrow. [3]

Firing Edit

Advanced students shot a thousand arrows a day, to set the feet, draw, and release automatic. [3]

Ritualized Steps Edit

The ritual of shooting arrows into eight separate steps: [4]

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