The Kyuden Suzume Dojo was the dojo of the Sparrow Clan, where the Suzume Bushi were trained. The tiny and reclusive Sparrow Clan was often overlooked by the Empire at large. Rarely did the samurai of the Sparrow venture forth from their home to experience Rokugan, and rarer still did the other clans take notice of such individuals. Only after the ascension of the slightly unorthodox daimyo Suzume Yugoki at the end of the Clan War did this change. Yugoki encouraged the Sparrow to take a larger role in the affairs of the Empire. [1]

Founding Edit

Since its founding Kyuden Suzume had a large courtroom that doubled as a dojo. In the year 618 the Sparrow established a dedicated external one. [2]

Training Edit

The samurai of the Sparrow were a contemplative lot, and their training focused on meditation, calligraphy, and studying the Tao as much as the use of a katana. The Sparrow were scholar-warriors who defeated their opponents through observation and analysis. [1]

Notable Sensei Edit


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