Kyuden Nio was located in the South Hub Village on the outskirts of Otosan Uchi. [1]

Founded Edit

Doji Nio, son of Lady Doji and Kakita, lived in the South Hub Village in the large estates which would be known as Kyuden Nio. Upon Nio's death, his estates were left "to Rokugan's authors of beauty." Since that time, Kyuden Nio became a communal home for storytellers, poets, painters, and other artists trying to make a name in the Imperial City. [2]

Destruction Edit

Kyuden Nio was destroyed when it hosted the Test of the Jade Champion in 1158. The competition was won by Asahina Sekawa but was marred by the appearance of Hakai, the Onisu of Death. Hakai killed Asahina Kimita and Asahina Tamako, and laid the estates in ruins. [1] [3] Kyuden Nio was never rebuilt. [4]


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