Kyuden Moshi

Kyuden Moshi

Kyuden Moshi was the beautiful and immaculate ancestral palace of the Centipede Clan, which sat at the foot of the Mountain of Lady Sun. It was surrounded by a town, Kyuden Moshi no Machi. [1] Near it was located the revered Shrine of Lady Sun. [2]

Appearance Edit

The palace was a four-story structure with a small platform on the roof. A complex system of mirrors imported from Unicorn lands, reflecting the sunlight, filling the entire palace with a bright light on sunny days. [3]

Magic Entrance Edit

The wall was low and the gate was very old, without any sizable garrison. The Moshi relied on the defensibility of the mountain trails to keep any attackers at bay. A torii arch was the entrance to the palace, emblazoned with the symbol of Amaterasu and engraved with the phrase, "Light of All, Truth of All." The gates featured an ancient golden disk, split evenly where the gates divided, with streamers of gold like the rays of the sun extending from the disk. Those who stood beneath the arch could tell no lies. The blessing of the arch was a well-kept secret, and had been a great boon to the tiny family in their dealings with the Great Clans. [1]

Lower Floors Edit

The palace was more of a school than anything else, and their library of scrolls filled most of the lower floors. [4] Its lower floors housed the Centipede court and the Moshi Shugenja school. [5]

Upper Floors Edit

The important members of the Moshi family occupied the second and third floors. The Moshi Daimyo and her family lived on the fourth floor. Through these chambers a narrow staircase led up to the center of the highest roof, open to the sky and wind. A sturdy wooden structure about six feet tall protected one of the family's most sacred objects, the ancient Eye of the Sun Goddess. [3]

History Edit

Unicorn-Phoenix Treaty Edit

In 1200 the city was chosen to sign a treaty, a cease of hostilities between the Unicorn and Phoenix Clan. [6]


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