Palace of the Sea King

Palace of the Sea King

The Palace of the Sea King sat in Morehei Island, just offshore of Mura Sabishii Toshi. [1]

Founding Edit

The palace was founded in the 5th century by the Morehei family, talented artisans and masters of courtly graces. [2]

Palace Edit

The palace was a favourite summer home of the nobility of the Doji and Kakita families. Aided by the magics of the Asahina, the gardens of the palace were said to contain cobblestones of gold, and the trees grew leaves of silver. [1] Together they built a large temple to Suitengu, Fortune of the Sea, and the Morehei were dedicated to his service. An enormous statue of Suitengu guarded the island's harbor. [2]

Luxury Edit

The island had few natural resources and the Morehei Daimyo Morehei Yuo transformed Shinden Morehei into a center of luxury, a favored place of relaxation and retreat for many prominent Crane. Sadly, the Morehei began to neglect the Temple of Suitengu, so the vengeful Fortune of the Sea delivered a warning to Yuo through a dream, but the arrogant samurai ignored it. [2]

Sunk Edit

In the 8th century there was a tremendous earthquake that sunk the island into the sea. Pearl divers claimed the village that was there still stood, but where the palace stood was only a giant fissure in the ground. [1] Some said that Suitengu, the Fortune of the Seas, had punished its Daimyo, Morehei Yuo. All that remained was the statue of Suitengu, and the sailors who traversed this area called it "The Sea King." The Morehei's city rested intact at the bottom of a deep-sea fissure, filled with the Morehei's treasures. Yuo himself haunted the central vault as a shozaigaki. [2]

Ningyo holding Edit

The largest pack of Ningyo could be seen where Morehei Island was once located. They guarded and considered the treasures of the lost city as theirs, alongside with several orochi. [2]


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