Kyuden Kyotei

Kyuden Kyotei

The Kyotei Castle was the Tsume family's ancestral home. [1]

Location Edit

Shiro Kyotei

Shiro Kyotei

The castle lied in the Kintani Valley, south of Phoenix territory and east of Lion territory, close to Toshi Ranbo. The Tsume lands bordered to the south and east of Kyotei castle. [2]

Appearance Edit

The castle was large and impressive, built by one of the great old masters of architecture. It had an inner tower in which lived the family and closest advisors. [3]

History Edit

Lion holding Edit

In the early 12th century the castle owned to Damasu Kojima, which would become the last daimyo of his family. The aggresive Crane daimyo Tsume Retsu conquered it and forced the extinction of the Damasu family, vassals of the Akodo. [4]

Crane rule Edit

The Tsume made it an economic center, and a large town, Chikuzen, [3] grew just outside the castle gates, which supplied the Tsume with virtually everything they need. They exported rice and grain. It had been used as a major staging point for the Crane each time Toshi Ranbo had been assaulted. [2]

Lion-Crane Alliance Edit

During the rule of Doji Kurohito the Crane made an alliance with their ancestral enemies of the Lion Clan. Shiro Kyotei became an important court for maintaining this alliance. [5] After Toshi Ranbo became the new Imperial City, the military importance of Shiro Kyotei dropped considerably, remaining as a trade hub. Its court became an important site for maintaining good relations between Crane and Lion. [6]

Lion Relinquish their Claim Edit

In 1200 the Lion claimed the northern portion of the Kintani Valley fell within the purview of Seizuka Shiro, and the Crane were forced to vacate the stronghold. Shortly after the Lion relinquished their claim, and the palace was returned to Crane control. [7]

External Links Edit

Kyotei Castle

Kyotei Castle Layout


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