Kyuden Komori

Kyuden Komori

Kyuden Komori was the capital of the Bat Clan. It was located on the Island of Lost Wilderness, in the Islands of Spice and Silk. The castle laid on a hill that overlooked a large natural harbor. [1] It housed the entire clan and it's founder, Komori, and was comprimised mainly of a large estate and a small village. The lands and nearby seafood were just enough to sustain the clan in the years since its founding. [2] It was also a school where shugenja could learn from the clan founder. [3]

Apeparance Edit

No walls were built, and its defense relied on the only physically safe harbor on the island. Guest housing was provided via a series of yashiki on the upper edge of the city proper, along with the barracks housing the Komori family's military garrison. [4] All clan weddings took place in the courtyard of Kyuden Komori. [5]

Trading Port Edit

The establishment of the Colonies created a vital new oceanic trade route, and the island saw a significantly increased traffic in the late 12th century. The city was lost in [6]

Destruction Edit

In 1200 people began to vanish in the beaches. This was part of the events that predated the destruction of the Mantis Clan by the rebellious Spider Clan and their Shadowlands allies. The city was lost shortly after the Battle of the Third Seal began. [7]

Notable Locations Edit


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