Kyuden Kitsune 2

Kyuden Kitsune

Kyuden Kitsune (A24) became the home of the followers of Lady Shinjo who remained behind when Shinjo and the Ki-Rin Clan left Rokugan. They became the Fox Clan. Unlike their cousins they did not have an affinity for cavalry, but their skills in hunting, herbalism and woodsmanship were unparalleled. [1] It was not a very large castle, being constructed almost entirely of stone. [2] It was one of the places where the Tournament of the Minor Clans was held. [3]

Appearance Edit

Constructed almost entirely of stone, it was not a very large castle. Designed to be light and airy, with many windows and other apertures. The interior was decorated in themes reminiscent of nature in general and the woodlands in particular. [4]

Dojo Edit

In the castle was taught the Kitsune Shugenja, Ronin Yojimbo, Yoritomo Courtier, Kitsune Spirit Guide, Minor Clan Diplomat, and Woodland Tracker schools. [5]

Battle at Kyuden Kitsune Edit

Kyuden Kitsune

Kyuden Kitsune

The Battle at Kyuden Kitsune occurred in 1090 after tensions between the antagonistic Hare and Fox Clans came to a head. A series of border skirmishes aimed at increasing their respective holdings threatened to quickly escalate into full-blown war. Emissaries of the Crane Clan were dispatched to find a peaceful solution, but the assassination of the emissaries of the Fox Clan forced the issue. [6] Hostilities were actually the result of a game being played between some kitsune and some bakeneko. They delighted in playing tricks on both sides while disguised as their opponents, but lost interest and moved on once hostilities developed. A kumo pack, who could smell the scent of their spiritual enemies kitsune on the remaining courtiers, [7] entered the palace and murdered dozens of representatives from both sides. The Crane were blamed by the Fox for interfering in the matter. [8]

Absorbed by the Mantis Edit

Since the Fox were absorbed into the Mantis Clan in 1169, Kyuden Kitsune became a Mantis holding. The castle even began to house a branch of the Yoritomo Courtier school. [9]

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