The Kyuden Kakita Curse was placed in the 8th century by the Grand Master of the Elements.

Cursed Edit

It came about when a wandering ronin shugenja sometimes called the Grand Master of the Elements had declared that he would visit the Kakita. The daimyo of the Kakita was afraid to let the shugenja arrive to closed doors, so he ordered the doors left open until the man arrived. Six years passed, and still the master did not arrive. Some Crane believed he never would, but finally he did. Just as he was about to enter the palace a gust of wind blew shut the doors in his face. The Master was so outraged that he called upon his powers and laid a curse upon the palace; "Should any child born surrounded by the walls of Shiro sano Kakita ever draw steel, then the blades of the Crane will turn against them, and the Kakita palace will fall.". For four hundred years there were not children born within the castle without the gates being opened first. [1]

Known Cursed Edit

Kakita Yoshi Edit

The first exception was Kakita Yoshi, who was born during a siege by the Lion. [1]

During the Clan War Kakita Yoshi brought the curse down upon the Kakita family when he was forced to draw a blade when the Crab army was sacking the castle. [citation needed]

Kakita Ichiro Edit

The second child to be born behind closed gates at Kyuden Kakita was Kakita Ichiro, the son of Kakita Noritoshi, the Kakita Daimyo and Master Sensei of the Kakita Dueling Academy. Noritoshi's son was born in 1160 during a siege on Kyuden Kakita by forces led by the False Hoturi at the same time as Noritoshi's adopted father, Kakita Toshiken, was assassinated by Daidoji Megumi. [2]


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