Kyuden Hida

Kyuden Hida

Kyuden Hida (CB17) was built by Osano-Wo from the stone of a single mountain, carving it with thunder alone, [1] within the Kyoukan province. [2]

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Kyuden Hida 1

Kyuden Hida

Kyuden Hida was located atop a high stone escarpment, and the castle’s
masonry blended seamlessly with the rugged landscape, [3] with walls hewn from pure granite reaching into the living rock of the land beneath. [4] There was nothing subtle about Kyuden Hida, no gardens surrounded the walls, no paintings adorned its state rooms. It was the mightiest fortress in Rokugan, made seemingly of the mountains themselves. In more than a thousand years, no Rokugani had ever dared to assault Kyuden Hida, and when fortress was in view of the Battle of the Cresting Wave and the War Against Shadow, not so much as a single arrow hit its walls. It overlooked the cliffs of Earthquake Fish Bay and was the headquarters of the Crab army. [5] It was the headquarter of the Third Crab Army, and it was garrisoned by the Second and Third Legions. [6]

The Power of the Crab Edit

Gates of Hida Castle

Gates of Hida Castle

The gates were constructed of thick steel, requir­ing ten men to open. [7] The skulls of The Maw and Tsuburu no Oni hung above the ramparts, a testament to the strength of the Crab. Having been purified by Kuni shugenja, the skulls protected the mortal realm, as these Oni could not return to Ningen-do while they existed. The gates were often left open, a hundred Hida bushi standing guard at all times. [8] [9] In 1167 the sacrifice of Shokansuru made a crack in the stone where the skull of the Maw hung, allowing the return of the Oni Lord. [10]

Hida War College Edit

The main Hida Bushi school, the Hida War College, was housed here, where the students trained in full armor, and the graduates must venture into the Shadowlands and kill one of its denizens to receive their wakizashi. [9]

The Kuni gatherings Edit

Once every year, at winter equinox, the Kuni met to discuss findings, exchange spells, recruit new shugenja and engage in scholary matters concerning the clan. At this time the Kuni Witch Hunters returned from their wanderings to select new members. [11]

The Temple of Persistence, Sun and Thunder Edit

A new addition to the castle had been a private shrine to Osano-Wo, later expanded and rededicated to include two of the Hida family's greatest ancestors -- Kisada and Yakamo, [12] which would be known in 12th century as the Temple of Yakamo. Only those of the central Hida line and those closest to them had been admitted, and no non-Crab had ever seen the temple. The temple's stained glass windows opened to allow the morning sun to flood the room. The glass was obtained through the Crab's Unicorn allies. The temple held an artifact from each ancestor--Yakamo's Wakizashi, Kisada's Tessen, and a shard of wood split from the gate of Shiro Shiba that was struck by lightning by Osano-Wo. This was where the Clan Champions went to to commune with their ancestors. Hida O-Ushi began the tradition of visiting it in order to seek guidance from her divine ancestors in moments of doubt, a practice that both her sons adopted after becoming champion. Only a few Crab outside the central Hida line had been admitted. [13]

History Edit

Founding Edit

What would be known as Kyuden Hida was begun shortly before the War Against Fu Leng broke in the year 33. [14] Legends claimed the castle was built by Hida Osano-Wo himself, who dragged bedrock to the cliffs above Earthquake Fish Bay. [12]

Winter Court Edit

Kyuden Hida was selected by Hantei XXXI to host winter court, under the rule of Hida Shonojo. [15]

Winter Court - 1169 Edit

Winter Court in the winter 1169-1170 was held several different places throughtout the Empire because of the recent turmoil and lack of Emperor. Kyuden Hida was one of the hosts. [16]

Seized by the Destroyers Edit

Kyuden Hida 2

Ocuppied Kyuden Hida

In the Destroyer War the castle was attacked by the Destroyer's armies in 1171, but they were defeated. The gaijin demons bypassed it, and Kyuden Hida was isolated from the Empire. In 1172 the Destroyers returned with siege engines, threw Plague Zombies inside, and took the castle during the Fall of Kyuden Hida, [17] and the taint was spread all over it. [18] After it the castle was guarded by tainted creatures, as goblins and ogres. [19]

Recovered Edit

Kyuden Hida 3

Rebuilding Kyuden Hida

In 1173 the isolated forces of Shiro Hiruma launched an offensive against the Destroyers from the rear, [20] attacking from the ruins of Kyuden Hida. The war ended this year. [21] Spiketipped iron nets intended to catch and deflect any projectiles launched over the walls were installed, a defensive supplement born of their experience with the Destroyers' tactics. [22]

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