Kyuden Gotei

Kyuden Gotei

Kyuden Gotei (M1) in the Gotai province [1] sat on Gotei Island. [2] It was the capital of the Mantis territories and at the time of the Mantis Civil War, was one of the largest cities in the Empire, second only to Ryoko Owari (although technically also smaller than the former Imperial City Otosan Uchi). It was the home to the elite units of the Mantis, along with Heaven's Bank Hold.

Kyuden Mantis Edit

Kyuden Gotei 2

Kyuden Gotei (M1)

The city was founded as a single building, Kyuden Mantis, [3] by the Mantis clan founder, Kaimetsu-Uo. As trade (and other activities) brought in money, the city was slowly expanded. [4] It was located on a rocky coastal plain adjoining a large bay that provided a sheltered harbor. [5] The Mantis Palace looked like a treasure trove, the halls lavishly decorated, every wall featured silken paintings or delicate hanging sculptures. The floors were covered in lush, exotic carpets. Priceless gilded lanterns hung from the ceiling, illuminating the exotic treasures. A wonderful place, but with no order to it. [6] It was the base of the Mantis Clan fleet. [7]

Heaven's Bank Hold Edit

Deep beneath the castle was Heaven's Bank Hold, [8] the primary repository of the wealth of the Mantis clan. Only the family daimyos, their hatamoto, and those guards assigned there were allowed entrance. Much of the reason for this intense level of security was the fact that a large part of the treasures were of gaijin origin, something that was highly punishable in the Empire. [9]

The vault was also the home of several important artifacts of the Mantis, to include Kaimetsu-Uo's Ono, Gusai's dagger, an enchanted crystal polearm called a 'khadja', imported from the Burning Sands, and the recently cleansed Ono of Osano-Wo. During the time the vault was controlled by Kumiko, there was a sizable collection of gaijin weapons, especially Katars (punch daggers) from the Ivory Kingdoms, reflecting her fascination with the weapons. [10] There were also items from Thrane and Merenae kingdoms. [11]

Notable Locations Edit

The surrounding city was a sprawling, massive metropolis, gaijin influence was seen throughout its streets. The inhabitants dressed more lightly on the Islands, bordering on outright scandal for traditionalist rokugani. The city homed the Yoritomo Elite Guard barracks, the Sea Eel's Smile[12] the primary Yoritomo Bushi Dojo, [13] and one of three greatest Temple of Daikoku in the Empire. [14] Visitors might enter thorugh the Golden Masugata, and inside the palace walls they could find the Opulent Carp Fountains, a shrine to Osano-Wo, and the Path of Thunder. [15]

History Edit

War Against Shadows Edit

In 1132, during the War Against Shadow, the palace was assaulted by forces of the Lying Darkness, while the majority of the Mantis forces were engaged in the invasion of the Phoenix lands. Using his knowledge of Koumori magic, [16] Yoritomo Komori summoned an army of phantom samurai who defeated the assailants. [17]

Mantis Civil War Edit

During the time of the Mantis Civil War, the city was originally controlled by Yoritomo Kitao and the Storm Legion, but eventually the Yoritomo Elite Guard launched a successful, and relatively bloodless coup to put the city under the control of Kumiko. [6]

Winter Court - 1171 Edit

In the winter of 1171, the Divine Empress, Iweko the First, gave tremendous honor to the Mantis Clan by choosing Kyuden Gotei as the site for Winter Court. [18] This honor was doubled when the Imperial Wedding was held on the twentieth day of the Month of the Tiger. [19]

Destruction Edit

In 1200 when the Third Seal broke, all Mantis Islands were attacked at once, and overrun by a Shadowlands horde. Bakemono used the tunnels beneath the island to attack from inside the palace at the same time as the kaiju attacked from without. The Storm Guard had fallen under the enemy, and Kyuden Gotei's towers were split and fallen. [2]

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Kyuden Yoritomo

Kyuden Yoritomo


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