Kyuden Doji had stood since the time of Kakita and Doji, but since only recently had it housed the primary Doji dojo, in the 12th century. After the devastation during the Clan War most of the Crane Clan dojo laid in ruins and Doji Kuwanan decided to move all the schools to Kyuden Doji. Since then Kyuden Doji became the center of operations during the Crane Civil War and War of Spirits. In more recent times Kyuden Doji has avoided wars altogether. [1]

Traditions Edit

Since the schools were combined there were few surviving standing traditions. The most interesting of those was the competition between the Doji Courtiers and Doji Magistrates. The eldest courtier students would begin a plan that would result in a small unimportant loss of face for the magistrate students. The magistrates knew about this and would then try and discover the nature of the scheme. Historically the courtiers had almost alway won, until recently when the magistrates had begun to outsmart the courtiers more often. [1]

Training Edit

Most of the training at the Kyuden Doji Dojo was non-combat related. Both the courtiers and magistrates focused primarily on observing others and interpretating their actions. They were trained in the nuances of inflection, body language and subtle shifts in facial expressions. The young courtiers relived memorable historical debates from the imperial court and the magistrates examined the most heinous crimes in Rokugan's history and learned how they were solved. The least conventional part of the training was where the students impersonate servants during unimportant diplomatic events, to be able to see and hear what really goes on in the courts. Martial training did take practice as the Doji Elite Guard maintained a large training area here. The magistrates also had a section, but it was smaller. These facilities were mostly secluded from the occupants of the castle and the Doji considered it bad form to conduct military activity in front of guests. [1]

Dojo Benefits Edit

The dojo was one of the most prominent places of learning and diplomacy in the Empire, and the sort of place that peasant children dreamed about visiting to catch the eye of a great warrior or courtier. This prestige was carried by any samurai who trained here at all times, and their symbol was a court fan spread beneath the family mon on their kimono. [1]

Sensei Edit

Since there were three school located in Kyuden Doji there were also three sensei, one for each school. The Senior sensei was also the captain of the Elite Guard and was selcted by the Crane Clan Champion personally. The Captain of the Elite Guards responsibilities laid mostly with the security and safety of the castle and it's occupants on the whole. [1]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit

Doji Courtier School Edit

Doji Magistrate School Edit


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