Kyuden Agasha

Kyuden Agasha

The Agasha family Palace was far more opulent than their previous home with the Dragon Clan. Here the Agasha family continued to study the strange alchemical magic that had been their practice for centuries. [1]

Founding Edit

Kyuden Agasha 2

Kyuden Agasha (P21)

Kyuden Agasha was a minor military outpost of little military significance; duty there was an assignment for those who had displeased the Council of Masters. [2] The palace was founded after the Agasha defection, as their new home on the Phoenix coast, becoming the training grounds of the Agasha Shugenja. The Agasha continued to develope and use mizugusuri and kagaku, but the focus of their magic had changed. [3]

Appearance Edit

Agasha stood on a great cliff overlooking the sea, with impressive defenses. Externally seemed plain and func­tional, with many watchtowers and outlying walls, as once it was only a minor Isawa military fortress. The interior was opulently decorated with Mantis silks and Crane artwork, illuminated at all times by Serenity Lanterns. [4]

Agasha Foundries Edit

The cliffs beneath the castle were riddled with large natural caves, where they installed the Agasha Foundries into the depths beneath the castle. [2]

Agasha Laboratories Edit

The caverns beneath Kyuden Agasha also housed laboratories dedicated to kagaku and mizugusuri. [5]

Dojo Edit

Tradition Edit

Simple ritual practices and prayers remained the same since the founding of the Dragon Clan. [3]

Training Edit

The Agasha were far more scientifically minded than most shugenja, and were prone to experimentation. The Empire expected strange theories and non-traditional magical theories from the Agasha. Students were taught how to manufacture and use the magical potions called mizugusuri, as well as the volatile creations called kagaku. [3]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit

History Edit

War of the Twins Edit

Fall of Kyuden Agasha

Fall of Kyuden Agasha

During the War of the Twins the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Nitoshi wanted to see at least one of the Phoenix families with their homes in ruins. [6] Yogo Haruto's forces approached the palace in 1191, shortly before the five-day Festival of Leaves began. The Scorpion remained at bay during the whole festival, but when it ended Kyuden Agasha suffered of several explosions set by a shadow-colored woman ninja. The Scorpion crossed the broken gates and stormed the palace, [7] razing it to the ground. [8]

War with the Unicorn Edit

In the late 12th century the Unicorn Clan invaded the Phoenix lands for the slight of exposing the spiritual threat lingering in the Moto blood. In 1200 the Siege at Kyuden Agasha was repelled. [9]

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