Kyuden is the Rokugani word for Palaces.

Appearance Edit

It was usually only bestowed upon a stronghold that was fit to host the court of the Emperor himself. Kyuden were, by nature, very large, serving as the headquarters for the daimyo of at least one of the great families, and providing defensive structures as well. [1] The term kyuden denoted that a structure was capable of hosting the Imperial Winter Court, to be able to accommodate at least two hundred and fifty guests. After the addition of the Mantis and the Spider Clan this was raised to three hundred and ten.  [2]

Rokugani Palaces Edit

Coral Palace
High House of Light Formerly "Kyuden Hitomi", "Hitomi family Palace", and "Kyuden Togashi"
Imperial Palace
Kyuden Adorai
Kyuden Agasha "Agasha family Palace"
Kyuden Asako "Morning Glory Castle"
Kyuden Ashinagabachi Formerly "Shiro no Uragiru", "Castle of the Wasp", "Clan Wasp Palace"
Kyuden Bayushi "Bayushi family Palace", "Scorpion Clan Palace", "Silk and Shadow Palace"
Kyuden Chuda "Chuda family Palace"
Kyuden Doji "Doji family Palace"
Kyuden Gisei
Kyuden Gotei "Mantis Clan Palace"
Kyuden Hida "Hida family Palace"
Kyuden Ikoma "Sacred Watch Palace"
Kyuden Isawa "Isawa family Palace"
Kyuden Kakita "Kakita Palace", "Shiro sano Kakita"
Kyuden Kankei "Kankei Seiden", "Nasu family Estates"
Kyuden Kasuga "Kasuga Family Palace"
Kyuden Kitsuki
Kyuden Kitsune "Fox Clan Palace"
Kyuden Kokai "Palace of Remorse"
Kyuden Kumiko
Kyuden Kuni
Kyuden Kurogane-Hana "Iron-Flower Castle"
Kyuden Kyotei "Kyotei Castle"
Kyuden Masiko
Kyuden Miya "Miya family Palace", "Castle of the Miya"
Kyuden Morehei "Morehei Family Palace", "Palace of the Sea King", "Shinden Morehei"
Kyuden Moshibaru "Moshibaru Family Palace"
Kyuden Nio
Kyuden no Junichi
Kyuden no Kin "Palace of Gold"
Kyuden Otomo "Otomo family Palace"
Kyuden Rojin
Kyuden Seppun "Seppun family Palace"
Kyuden Shizuka
Kyuden Suru Kokai
Kyuden Suzume "Sparrow Clan Palace"
Kyuden Togashi "Togashi family Palace"
Kyuden Toketsu
Kyuden Tonbo "Castle of the Dragonfly", "Dragonfly Clan Palace", "Kyuden Sezaru"
Kyuden Toritaka "Toritaka family Palace"
Kyuden Tsi "Tsi family Palace"
Kyuden Ukara "Ukara Castle"
Sea Palace of Suitengu
Shinkoshoku Kage no Kyuden Palace of Crimson Shadows
Seven Fold Palace
Yasuki Yashiki "Black Crane Estates"

Gaijin Palaces Edit

Ivory Palace
Palace of Spice and Silver
Palace of Wonders


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