Kyoukan province

Kyoukan province (Hi3)

The Kyoukan province (Hi3) was a Hida controlled province, [1] the seat of power for the Hida family. [2]

Notable Locations Edit

The capital of the Crab Clan, Kyuden Hida (CB17), sat in the south of the province, and overlooked the cliffs of Earthquake Fish Bay. To the north of Kyuden Hida was Koten (CB14), the Crab Hall of Ancestors. [3]

Homes of Vassals Edit

Half way between Kyuden Hida and the Kaiu Kabe was Shiro Kakeguchi, home of the Kakeguchi family, a vassal family of the Hida. [4]

Somehere between Shiro Kuni (CB11) and Kyuden Hida was Ugawari Torid-e, an old keep that housed the Ugawari family, vassals of the Kuni. [5]

A day's ride north from Kyuden Hida was Kyuden Moshibaru (CB23), in a large and rocky plain, home to the Moshibaru vassal family. The road to get there was rough, with winds so strong that the kyuden often would need repairing. [6]

On the western shore of Earthquake Fish Bay lay Fundai Mura, a small port town with important shipyards, large enought for 24 kobune. This was the home of the Fundai family, vassals of the Kaiu. [7]

Nearby provinces Edit

The Kyoukan province was bordered by Adauchi province (K2) to the north, the Ishibei province (Hi4) to the west, the Juuin province (Hi2) to the northeast and the Sunda Mizu province (Y1) to the east. [1] To the south and west laid the border with the Shadowlands. [2]


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