Kyoso no Oni (spawn)

Kyoso no Oni (spawn)

The Spawns of Kyoso no Oni were the offsprings of the Kyoso no Oni Oni Lord. They were known for the "Unholy Fire" they threw from their many limbs. This black fire did not burn the flesh, but the soul of the target. [1] They have spellcasting abilities as well. [2]

Appearance Edit

Kyoso no Oni spawn were the most ‘human’ of the Oni Lord spawn, often taking time to talk to their victims before killing them. Their torso was that of an unclad human female with four claw-tipped arms, while their lower body resembled a snake with small spines rising along its ridge. Their face was smooth, unlike that of their creator. [2] They were formidable hunters, who burrowed through the earth in search of their prey. They attacked by shooting great bolts of energy from their hands, and usually tryed to destroy their opponents from a distance. [3]

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