Kyoso's Retribution was the first lair Kyoso no Oni ever rested in, the place where she took sanctuary immediately after her transformation from human to oni. [1]

Appearance Edit

The sliver of humanity within Kyoso made her to build a place within the lair as luxurious as she could make it in the barren hills of the Shadowlands, the Kyoso's Sanctuary. Kyoso warped the essence of Ningen-do around her home, where Ningen-do recognized her not as an oni, but as a human. [1]

Spawning Edit

After Kyoso's banishment from the mortal realm by Daigotsu, the Oni Lord could not sent her spawns back to the Empire for years. Eventually, she found that Kyoso's Retribution would be the portal for her children. Kyoso's Sanctuary treated Kyoso no Oni and her spawn as natives to the Mortal Realm. Through it, Kyoso was able to send her spawn back into the Shadowlands, in spite of Daigotsu edict barring her access to the known portals. [1]


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