RPG Information Edit

Kyojin 2


Kyojin, Duelist Enforcer

Statistics Edit

Shadowlands Taint 9.0
Shadowlands Powers Beast of Fu Leng (Quadruped), Blackened Claws (always activated, located on forelegs), Child of Darkness, Greater Blessing of the Dark One, Unholy Stamina
Taint Symptoms Centaur-like body
Air 4 Earth 7 Fire 6 Water 5
Reflexes 6 Stamina 7 Agility 7 Strength 7
Awareness 4 Willpower 7 Intelligence 6 Perception 5

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

Athletics 4
Battle 3
Defense 3
Hand to Hand 5
Hunting 5
Jiujutsu 7
Intimidation 8
Kenjutsu 5
Lore: Maho 4
Lore: Shadowlands 6
Stealth 4

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Shadowlands, page 87

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