Great Crater

Great Crater

The Great Crater, Kyodai na Ana, [1] was created in 1150 by Lord Sun.

Preamble Edit

Before its sudden debut, there was no easy way to cross over the Spine of the World Mountains, due to the destruction of Beiden Pass. The only other way through the mountains was Seikitsu Pass, which had been ruined in 99. [2]

Creation Edit

When Lord Yakamo wished the rubble of Seikitsu Pass to be cleared, the Dragon of Fire smote the area with his tail, sending a meteor from the sky, which hit the previously collapsed pass. [3] The impact of the fireball melted a gap into the mountains and created the Crater, re-opening Seikitsu Pass. The pass became highly disputed territory between the Lion and Unicorn, but control was eventually claimed by the Unicorn Clan. [4] [5]

Heaven's Intervention Edit

An aged Togashi Mitsu had witnessed the cataclysm, assuring he had spoken with the Celestial Dragon for two days. The ise zumi's accounts, combined with eyewitness reports of a huge dragon-like figure creating the pass at Lord Sun's direction, became all the testimony the Empire needed to verify that a Celestial Dragon did indeed exist. Before the event, the existence of the Celestial Dragon was not known by Rokugan. [6]

Appearance Edit

Great Crater 2

Great Crater

The Crater was nearly a half-mile wide and issued heat, smoke, and steam near its center. Two paths circled around the crater at its center, the Way of Night and the Sun's Arc Way. [3] Two pathways through the mountains lead into the Great Crater, called simply the Northern Pass and the Southern Pass, while two pathways lead through the broken ground of the crater itself. [7] In its perimeter were located the Fusoro Mines, the Ketso Caverns, the Torgo Caverns, and the Turabi Mines. [1] Inside the crater the Souin Kureta monastery was built. [8]

City of Night Edit

The Unicorn discovered a lost city at the bottom of the crater, from a civilization older than the Empire.[9] It became known as the City of Night. [10]

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