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The Kyodai and Kabe sano Kita, more commonly known as the Great Wall of the North, were also called the Northern Wall Mountains. They were unforgiving mountains that marked Rokugan's northern border. [1]

Names Edit

This vast mountain range was known by both names depending upon the area or historical record. It dominated the entirety of the Dragon Clan provinces (who refered to their own portion of the range as the Dragon Mountains), as well as those of the Badger Clan, and occupied portions of the Ox and Phoenix Clan holdings as well. The mountains of this range were higher than the Spine of the World, and generally colder as well. Beyond the Great Wall were vast steppes, occupied mainly by the various Yobanjin tribes who fled the Empire at its formation. North and west of that laid the vast desert known only as the Burning Sands. [1] [2] The Dragon and Phoenix, maintained a steady northern vigil there. [3] The Northern Towers of Flame were built in the Dragon Mountains as defense against yobanjin attacks, allied with Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire. [4]

Details Edit

The Great Wall of the North was home to an incredible variety of animals, including the commonly encountered brown and black bears, cougars, badgers, tigers, mountain goats, [5] rabbits, fox, and deer. The lower slopes and foothills were covered with a thick canopy of conifers intermingled with oak, maple, and elm trees. These mountains were tectonically active, with several active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. There were only two known passes, one was guarded by the Unicorn Clan, Sorrow's Path, while the other was guarded by the Badger Clan, [6] the Path of Woe. [7]

History Edit

King of the Trolls Edit

It was here that the King of the Trolls was returned to it's slumber by Asako Gohiro in 958. [8]

Battle of the Northern Wall Mountains Edit

In 1166 a massive army of bloodspeakers and undead were defeated by the Isawa Sezaru's hunters army in the Battle of the Northern Wall Mountains. [9]

Spider Clan Edit

The Spider Clan located his capital in the Fingers of Bone, a field of strange rock spires in these mountains. [10]

War of Dark Fire Edit

The Northern Towers were overrun in the opening phases of the War of Dark Fire in 1170. [11]


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