The Great Climb

The Great Climb

The Kyodai and Josho Suru, more commonly known as the Great Climb, were the foothills leading to the Dragon Clan's mountain palaces. It was tight, twisting and confusing, and it was easy to get lost, eventually reaching impossible heights. Only one of the passes would lead up the the homes of the Dragon, and that one was guarded by the Mirumoto. [1] [2]

Battles Edit

Great Climb 2

The Great Climb (L)

In 711 the Battle of the Great Climb happened between the Dragon and its allies the Dragonfly against and invading Lion army, which was defeated after the death in a duel of its general. [3]

In the 11th century another Lion army was routed by the speed of the Unicorn cavalry in the Second Battle of the Great Climb. [4]

Abandoned Edit

In the 12th century the Dragon of Fire took residence there for some time, forcing the Kitsuki and Mirumoto to leave their homes and migrated to Ki-Rin's Shrine. [5]

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