Kuzushi no Oni

Kuzushi no Oni

Kuzushi no Oni was an oni who entered Ningen-do after a shugenja named Isawa Kuzushi summoned it and gave his name to the demon.

Summoned Edit

In the 10th century, during a Solar Eclipse Kuzushi no Oni was summoned by Isawa Kuzushi from within a manor house named Mori Kuroi, hidden deep within the Isawa Woodlands. In return for his name the Oni agreed to teach the shugenja powerful maho spells. [1]

Released Edit

The Oni tricked Kuzushi, and under its influence Isawa Kuzushi was wasting his life and provoking pain and death to those around him. The shugenja returned to Mori Kuroi with the intention to banish the oni, but instead, in his pride and naivete, Kuzushi set free the Oni and was promptly killed by the demon. [2]

Banished Edit

Kuzushi no Oni, once it was free, devastated the Phoenix lands. The atrocities were so great that the memory of an entire Phoenix village, Nimatsu Machi, was erased from the written records. The Oni was eventually banished by the Phoenix, dragged back into the Shadowlands. The manor house and the area surrounding it where the oni was first summoned, Mori Kuroi, became fouled and blackened and was renamed the 'Black Forest'. [3]

Released Edit

In 1123 when a Solar Eclipse occured Kuzushi no Oni was released from its prison in the Spirit Realms. After two hundred years of imprisonment, it found itself bound to the forgotten estate deep within the Isawa Woodlands, Mori Kuroi. The oni used its powers to unleash a lethal plague spread with magic, known as the Darkfever Plague. Many lives were lost because of this plague, until a group of clever Magistrates located and destroyed the demon. [4] In fact the plague was the effects of a maho spell devised by the tortured soul of Isawa Kuzushi, which would gather all the souls of those who died from the plauge for the oni in return for his freedom. [5]


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