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Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Master Sensei of the Forest-Killers

Kuso was the nickname of Kenjiro, the ronin Master Sensei of the Juzimai known as the Forest-Killers.

Eyes of Nanashi Edit

As a family member of the Eyes of Nanashi, Kenjiro was instilled with the idea the ronin could rise above the suspicious of the Empire. His father died in the line of duty, but his faith was not shaken. [1]

Leader of the Forest Killer Edit

Kuso 2

Kuso, Leader of Forest-Killers

When Kenjiro witnessed Bandits attacking a crane caravan, the guards looked upon him with hatred afterwards, simply for being another ronin. Kenjiro realized he would never be accepted, and decided to join the bandits who were remnants of the Forest-Killers. The Eyes had been hunting these bandits, so Kenjiro negotiated a bargain with the Eyes. The Eyes would pay the Forest-Hunters a fee for stopping bandit attacks in exchange for the bandits doing dirty jobs for the Eyes. Kenjiro changed his name to Kuso, and began to hire out the Forest-Killers to other groups. [2]

Changed Demeanor Edit

Once a proud samurai, Kuso had since turned his talents toward one goal, wealth. [3]

Mercenary Edit

Kuso sold his services in the Battle of Drowned Honor and the Battle of Broken Ground. He was also paid for his services by the Crane during the Second Yasuki War. [4]

External Links Edit

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