Kusatte Iru

Kusatte Iru

The Kusatte Iru was possibly the largest and most powerful oni ever spawned by the Shadowlands. Ruined houses and a small temple stood upon its back, [1] and it was as large as Kyuden Isawa. [2] One day the world must die, and the Kusatte Iru must be there to kill it. [3]

Abilities Edit

It knew only its hunger. It devoured all in its path, adding everything that it destroyed to its being, growing larger and stronger as it devoured. It could not die until its hunger had been sated. [2]

Defeat Edit

It was defeated in 634 by Kuni Harike and his yojimbo, Kuni Ryute, who placed the oni into a deep slumber in the Plains of Foul Tears. [4] They used a powerful Obsidian Sphere [5] which bore the earth spell 1000 Years of Terrible Slumber. [6]

Restlessness Edit

In 1123 Kusatte Iru grew restless and it would soon wake, [7] but due the efforts of the Bog Hag Higashato and a group of magistrates she managed to avoid the monster to awaken. [8]

Re-Awakening Edit

It was awakened by Yajinden on behalf of Iuchiban [9] in 1165 and beared Kusatte Iru to attack Kyuden Isawa as a distraction about Iuchiban's real target, to destroy Gisei Toshi. [1] The Grand Master of the Elements, Naka Tokei, and the Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Satsu, sensed it, and decided to face the oni. [3] The Kusatte Iru was returned to its slumber by the Council of Five, [10] aided by Naka Tokei and Togashi Satsu. Isawa Taeruko sacrificed herself to complete the spell, and the Kusatte Iru sank into the earth and was seen no more. [2]

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Kusatte Iru

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Roleplaying in the Emerald Empire, p. 208, states that Akodo Masashi lead the expedition into the Shadowlands to destroy Kusatte Iru.

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