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A Kusarigama was a kama with a long weighted length of chain attached to one end and can be used for climbing as well as entangling opponents. [1]

Use Edit

It was functionally two weapons attached together. The base of the weapons was essentially a kama. Attached to the back of the kama, directly opposite to the blade was a four to six foot chain usually weighted at the end. This provided considerable flexibility. The chain could be used to lash out and entangle opponents while the kama provided a close range weapon. This made the kusarigama both useful as a weapon and as a tool, though it had unpleasant associations as a favorite ninja weapon. [2] The most exotic variant of this weapon was the mamukigama, which attached a live, poisonous snake to the end of the chain. [3]

Famous Practitioner Edit

Hida Kaimetsu-Uo, the founder of the Mantis Clan, was the first warrior to earn notoriety with the Kusarigama, and some ascraibed its creation to him. [4]

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