Kurrat al-Ayn 
Kurrat al-Ayn 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132

Kurrat al-Ayn was a sahir of the Qabal brotherhood. The merchants thought she was cursed because of her dark appearance, but her mastery with the ice magic denied any consequence. [1] She tought Nizam, a Qabal apprentice. [2]

Qanon Edit

Kurrat realized she was a Qanon, a human vessel for the hidden jinn, inside the bodies of the mankind since the Day of Wrath. When the Jinn finally would awake, the Qnaon could not hope to survive, but for the ultimate power, she knew they must make the ultimate sacrifice. [3]

Death Edit

As the other humans who had a jinn inside, died in 1132 during the events of the Awakening, and a children of smokeless fire returned to the mortal realm. [4] The Jinn of Eternal Beauty had been dormant inside a human during four hundred years. [5]

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