Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Two un-named brothers

Kurisuko was the daughter of a peasant family who lived in the Unicorn lands before the Scorpion Clan Coup. [1]

Aiding a Unicorn scout Edit

When Kurisuko was six years old his family aided a Unicorn scout who was carrying back information gathered from Scorpion territory. The scout had been chased by two Scorpion samurai, and the family worked together to kill them, though both of Kurisuko's brothers died in the clash. The scout was safely escorted to Shiro Otaku. [1]

Training as Battle Maiden Edit

Word of Kurisuko's family deeds reached the Otaku Daimyo, Otaku Kamoko, and in return Kurisuko was allowed to enter the Battle Maiden school despite her low caste. She had the spirit and fierce determination of the Shiotome and the student quickly showed her progress. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Kurisuko made her put up protective emotional wall around herself to endure many jibes and whispered insults because of her bumble beginnings. She was quiet and gruff, choosing her words carefully and smiling rarely. Because of this, she made few friends and many enemies. One of them was Kizoko, a daughter of a wealthy Daimyo. Kurisuko bested Kizoko without the slightest effort and she became her enemy. [1]

Steed Edit

Few months before gempukku Kurisuko's Otaku steed was found alive in the stables, but with badly wounds, made by the claws of some huge predator. It was unclear who or what had made such act. [2]


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