Dark Edge Village

Dark Edge Village (U12)

Dark Edge Village (U12) in the Koubaku province [1] was a small village that boasted the greatest tournament fields in all of Rokugan. It was considered a great honor for two samurai to duel here, and it was even said that the first Emperor held the duel for the Emerald Championship here. The tournament had since moved elsewhere, but the fields still held many formal Imperial occassions. [2]

Name Edit

Each morning the darkest shadows from the mountain range to the east never fell upon the tournament fields. At dusk, the nearby hills were dipped just so the shadows never fell upon the grounds until the sun set completely. The shadows brushed the tournament field's edge each morning and night but never crossed the fields, so the village took its name from this phenomenon. [3]

Notable Locations Edit

The village was situated on one of the main trade roads leading to the Dragon city of Yamasura, and connected to the temple of Daikoku in Unicorn territory. [4]

Dueling Fields Edit

The Dueling Fields had been most important part of the village, but since the Test of the Emerald Champion moved from there they were less and less visited by occasional duelists. [5]

Administrative Center Edit

The Administrative Center was the actual heart of the village, where local samurai resided, and the seat of power of the local governor. There it was found the only dojo in the village, the Calm Heart Dojo. [6]

History Edit

Emerald Tournament Grounds Edit

In 153 Hantei Genji selected Dark Edge Village as the place to hold the Emerald Champion tournaments. [4] The small village was catapulted into a new standing. Dark Edge village prospered greatly. [7] A Shrine of the Emerald Champion was built to honor Kakita. Those who dueled on the fields of Dark Edge were blessed by Osano-Wo, the patron of all bushi. [3]

Gozoku Edit

In 435 the power Gozoku was broken. The ronin Matsu Mochiko became the Emerald Champion and began purging Emerald Magistrates that supported the Gozoku from the ranks. In the process, she burned down a large section of Dark Edge Village, including every home belonging to a suspected agent of the Gozoku conspiracy. [4]

Unicorn Control Edit

After the Return of the Unicorn the village was transferred to Unicorn control. It led within a century to the end of the village's role as the site of the Emerald Tournaments. In 998 Hantei XXVIII moved the fields of the tournament to the Plains of Thunder, under the supervision of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, ending a political battle over the Tournament's location. [8] The Ide family maintained an estate within the village in order to supervise the training of their yojimbo. [9] The village's importance diminished, until it became a posting of little prestige for a Unicorn samurai. [4]

Known Governors Edit


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