Kural Rafiq 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133

Kural Rafiq of the House Rafiq was a member of the Cult of Ruhmal and the leader of its cell which infiltrated Rokugan during the War Against the Shadow. He carefully subverted Agasha Toruma to the cult by pretending to be Toruma's student while twisting Toruma's views of Rokugani religion. During his time with Toruma, Rafiq became a Rokugani shugenja in addition to his Ivory Kingdoms warrior training. [1]

Kural led the conspiracy from an island off of Phoenix Clan lands. He was betrayed by his uncle, Feydn Rafiq, who sabotaged the cult's activities within Rokugan in a ploy to increase his own power within the cult by feeding off of the failure of its leaders. Rutal's fortress was stormed by a group of samurai acting under orders from Otomo Banu and the advice of Feydn in 1133. The samurai group's actions led to the downfall of the cell. [2]


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