The Kurai District Court was a vast complex where the Kurai District's governor held his daily matters. [1]

Appearance Edit

This court building is quite large, with countless audience chambers, built and arranged in a style similar to a yashiki. It seemed a maze for those not used to navigate these halls. [1]

Prominent Court Edit

The district boasted the city's second most significant and largest court, only second to the Imperial Court itself. Many samurai residents of the city would bring their matters before this court, expecting their clan representatives to deal with it. Anything considered too local, petty or secondary politics was brought here instead of the Imperial Court. In this way it can act as a training ground for young courtiers wishing to prove themselves, while some less talented courtiers can be assigned here to keep them from more important duties. [2]

Duties Edit

Kurai District Governor decided where and to what extent new construction would be allowed, how resources were allocated in the city, how law and justice would be administered, and so on. The city's chief magistrate reported directly to the Kurai District Governor and all municipal taxes flowed through his court. [3]


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