Kuni Zanayo was a Kuni Witch Hunter of the Crab Clan.

Early Years Edit

Zanayo was a young woman who lived in a remote village in the Kuni lands. She found herself gifted with premonitory visions during dreams. One night her nightmares allowed Zanayo to foil the maho ritual that three men were performing. She was left partially blind by the maho spell, but her brave actions made her a hero among the villagers. The respected Tsukai-sagasu Kuni Toragu came to the village and took her under his wing, realizing she had a spiritual gift, perhaps a connection to the Oracle of Water. [1]

Kuni-Witch Hunter Edit

Her sensei was sent to the Eternal Danger Islands, where sights of different creatures of the Spirit Realms had been reported. Toragu was slain at the hands of unknown forces in the archipelago, and Zanayo replaced him as leader of the Crab delegation there. [2]

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