The Kuni Tower in Clear Water Village was situated atop the Kaiu Wave Wall, and had the outward appearance matching those of the other towars atop the wall.[1]

Entrance Edit

The Tower could be accessed from a small landing jetty, with a set of stone steps leading up to a door about teen feet above the high water mark. Entering the door would lead to a set of stairs that delved downward below the water level. Most of the tower was built below the waves by the Kaiu, creating a series of cells and chambers.[1]

Purpose Edit

The facilities here were borne from a convenient alliance between the Yasuki and Kuni. If Kuni Witch Hunters were ever to uncover a Maho-tsukai too highly ranked to accuse and detain, Yasuki smugglers would quietly transport the guilty party to Clear Water Village. Interred in cells, the Kuni would then use their skills to extract confessions, then drown the criminals using valve systems designed by the Kaiu.[1]

Erroneous Convictions Edit

Any mistakes in this process are very rare, but when they occur they are met with a wide variety of actions. Some Kuni commit seppuku, wile others merely enter the cells voluntarily to drown themselves. Others go to the wall to cleanse their shame by fighting those whose corruption they can be certain of. Finally, the most pragmatic of the Kuni accept that no-one can be perfect and vow to not make another mistake.[1]

The secret nature of the abductions, interrogation and punishmet means that if anyone were to find out about its practice there would be outrage in the courts of the Empire, or even war.[1]


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