Kuni Tomokazu

Kuni Tomokazu

Kuni Tomokazu was an earth shugenja of the Crab Clan.

Station Edit

Tomokazu was the resident shugenja in an outpost within the Hiruma lands, and the garrison used to kill wandering bands of goblin who appeared from time to time. In 1199 the Crab made to flee a demon which looked like a centipede, over fifty feet long, and covered in a black spurs which it kept projecting around itself. Those samurai wounded by the black spur were unable to withstand the pain, and they began to willingly surrender to the Shadowlands Taint, as requested by a voice projected in their mind. Hiruma Fujito took the lives of his tainted companions after Tomokazu explained how their brethren had been corrupted. [1]

Imperial Winter Court Edit

Tomokazu was at Toshi Ranbo when the Imperial Winter Court was held in 1199. He met Hida Tadama, and they were together in an afternoon party of philosophy, a discussions of the spirit realms and other mystical matters. Eventually, his friend went on berserker, and closed his fingers in a grip of death around Tomokazu's throat. Tadama regained his control aided by the Celestial Dragon, who chose to make its presence felt by all present at the assembly. [2]

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