Kuni Shimura 
Kuni Shimura 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Master Dream

Kuni Shimura was a member of the Crab Clan who joined the kolat and he was known as The Mind Breaker, one of the ten Kolat Masters prior to the Clan War.

Kolat Edit

The kolat knew of Kuni Shimura and his cruel intelligency through an agent at the Kaiu Wall. Shimura was presumed dead when the tower his family were building burned to the ground. Shimura was kept at the Hidden Temple and trained in memory manipulation, mind-altering magic, and eta torture techniques. He conditioned other agents and created the Sleeper Agents. Shimura became a Kolat Master as soon he passed his gempukku. [1] He was an user of the Oni's Eye and began to show signs of addiction to Eye's visions. [2]

Appearance Edit

Shimura was the oldest Kolat Master, and longest than anyone the kolat recorded, and his face resembled his age. He wore loose fitting robes, leaving his arms and hands free to perform his work. [3]

War Against Shadow Edit

In 1132 Shimura was with the other masters and the kidnapped Doji Shizue surveying the Assault on Otosan Uchi through the Oni's Eye. [4]

Internal Debate Edit

After the crippling attacks of the Lying Darkness and Shinjo's purge the kolat were disorganized, and many critical agents were isolated. The organization sought a new focus, torn between their desire to remake the Celestial Order and the more pragmatic desire to ensure the organizations existence. The Tiger, Cloud, Lotus Masters, alongside with Shimura, were traditional Kolat, with Master Cloud the most vocal member of the group. The Steel, Coin, Silk, and Chrysanthemum Masters all adhered to the modern philosophy. Neither Master Jade nor Master Roc seemed interested in this ongoing debate. [5] The latter philosophy was championed by Morito and it seemed to be winning out. [6]

Death Edit

In his deathbed he appointed Kuni Nakiro, a Crab shugenja who was once apprenticed to Kuni Yori, as the new Master Dream. [7]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Master Dream
c. 1132
Succeeded by:
Kuni Nakiro


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