Kuni Shiki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named sister

Kuni Shiki was a Kuni Shugenja of the Crab Clan. He studied under Kuni Hitaru, descendant of the head priest of the lost Ranpo Temple Kuni Gokuren. Shiki wrote an account which depicted the Crab expedition made by his family in 793 to find and recover the Ranpo Temple in the Kuni Wastes. [1]

Kuni Wastes Edit

Shiki's father assembled a expeditionary force formed by his wife, his daughter, Kuni Shiki and a dozen of Hida Bushi. They fought their way to Ranpo Temple in the Kuni Wastes, because his father believed it was time to take the temple back. [1]

Ranpo Temple Edit

The temple was unexpectedly with no taint, and the statue of Bishamon still stood. A Shito Dama appeared, and it made one of the bushi to run in fear. The rest of the group passed the night haunted by the same nightmare. The dreams shown Kuni Hakirei, an apprentice to Gokuren, who during the The Maw's army attack to the Crab lands willingly aided an oni to survive. Hakirei brought to the demon other Rokugani to feed its hungry, sacrificing his honor, cowering and serving his new master. Bishamon became angry and the next day the new victims could not be harmed.The oni turned and devoured Hairei, and the shugenja reincarnated in a Jikiniki for his sins. The Crab expedition left the temple and returned home. [2]


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