Kuni Seifukusha was a Kuni Witch Hunter of the Crab Clan.

Dreamer's Journal Edit

In one of her missions Seifukusha took care of a tainted Crane, and she found in his belongings the Dreamer's Journal, wrote by Daidoji Fumisato, a samurai who claimed to be Daidoji Uji in an alternate reality where Fu Leng won the Second Day of Thunder. Fumisato seemed to be a fragment of the Dark Kami's dream who eventually crossed the veil between Yume-do and Ningen-do. [1]

The Boar is Restored Edit

In 1200 Seifukusha moved to Shiro Heichi, which was being rebuilt by the restored Boar Clan. She had been sent there by his Lord Kuni Renyu, to oversee that the Minor Clan were safe from the dangers of the Shadowlands Taint. Seifukusha pondered with the Boar Clan Champion Heichi Tochiko about that all Clans should be alert against the Shadowlands. [1]


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