Kuni Sayori was a shugenja of the Crab Clan and Taryu-jiai sensei.

Tainted Edit

Sayori was a beautiful woman who worked with the Kuni Witch Hunters. She interrogated a tainted shugenja in the Kuni Tower at Shiro Hiruma. The member of the Lost told they had taken up the practice of shugenja dueling, Taryu-jiai. Sayori eventually contracted the Shadowlands Taint from prolonged contact with the prisoner. She delivered her report to Shiro Kuni and exiled herself to the Kuni Wastelands. [1]

Sensei Edit

Sayori was requested to become the Kuni Duelist sensei as long as she did not fall to madness. The shugenja trained willing students in her small, somewhat improvised dojo. [2]

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