Please note: This article is about the nakado. For other uses of the term, please see Sango (disambiguation).

Kuni Sango was a nakado and Kuni Witch Hunter of the Crab Clan.

Choosing Emperor's Bride Edit

In 1200 it was announced that Iweko Seiken would become the new Emperor. The Great Clans began to lobby for the selection of the Imperial Bride, and Sango was in charge to push forward the samurai-ko selected by her Clan, Hida Ayameko. Sango dressed scandalously, which her competitors of the Crane Clan expected to exploit against her. [1] Doji Natsuyo met Yasuki Tono, the Yasuki Daimyo, in the Crab Embassy at Toshi Ranbo. In the presence of the First Magistrate Yasuki Umi-Ushi, and Kuni Sango, it was arranged that Kakita Kae would surrender her chances to become Imperial Bride through her publicly support of Hida Ayameko. In turn the Crab Clan would help the Doji by seizing key positions from a weakened Otomo House, among other petitions. [2]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

In 1200 in the Month of the Dog, Sango, Hida Tadama, Tsuruchi Kinuyo, Daidoji Sakuzou, Ikoma Masaru, Tonbo Inuyama, Isawa Hibana and Shosuro Yoshiyuki found evidences of an impeding Spider attack near Cold Wind City. The village was evacuated before the Battle of the Second Seal began. [3]


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