Kuni Ryute 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 634

Kuni Ryute was the yojimbo to the shugenja Kuni Harike. [1]

Training Edit

Kuni Ryute was a noble man who served his friend Harike. Ryute was trained by the Hiruma, which taught him how to deal with the Shadowlands. [2]

Fighting the Kusatte Iru Edit

In 634 he aided his charge to defeat the dreaded creature the Kusatte Iru. Ryute was slain in the process, but his soul was preserved in a crystal by Harike's breath, preventing him from entering the afterlife. [3]

Crystal Samurai Edit

The body of Ryute was found bound in crystal, with his bloodied and undamaged armor, the Armor of the Sun and Moon. He was buried in the temple built to honor Harike. His soul was alive inside the crystal cage, ready to fight the evil, inside a circle drawn in the floor with the five elements. [4]

Released Edit

In 1123 a group of magistrates entered in the temple, which was controlled by a Bog Hag by the name Higashato, who was attempting to awake the Kusatte Iru. When the samurai crossed the circle Ryute engaged them, unable to fully control his actions. After his defeat, the soul of Ryute was free to pass away towards the Spirit Realms. [2]

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