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RPG Information Edit

Kuni Osaku

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Kuni Shugenja / 4
Honor 3.5
Status 1.5
Glory 2.0
Air 2 Earth 5 Fire 4 Water 4 Void 5
Reflexes 2 Stamina 5 Agility 4 Strength 4
Awareness 3 Willpower 5 Intelligence 4 Perception 4

Advantages Edit

Skills Edit

Calligraphy (Cipher) 4
Defense 2
Hunting 2
Lore: History 2
Lore: Maho 3
Lore: Medicine (Non-Humans) 3
Lore: Shadowlands 5
Spellcraft 5
Staves (Bo) 3
Theology 3

Spells Edit

Sense, Commune, Summon, Courage of the Seven Thunders, Jade Strike, Minor Binding, Earth Becomes Sky, Force of Will, Purge the Taint, Strength of the Crow, Wall of Earth, Fury of Osano-Wo, Path to Inner Peace, Reflections of P'an Ku, Strike of the Tsunami.

Major References Edit

  • Great Clans, page 24

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