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Kuni Osaku 
Born: 695 
Died: 716 
Siblings: Kuni Hohiro

Kuni Osaku was a shugenja of the Crab Clan.

Youth Edit

Osaku had one younger brother, Kuni Hohiro, and at the age of 21 she had demonstrated more power than shugenja twice her age. [1]

Sensei Edit

Osaku was a revered sensei of the Kuni Shugenja school. [2]

The Maw's Attack Edit

In 716 when The Maw and its army marched on Rokugan she provided the Crab Clan Champion Hida Banuken with the time to set up proper defenses by using the river Seigo no Kamae to halt the progress of the oni army. Every day for 73 days she sat stood channeling the power of the spell, and every sunrise she lost another year of her life. On the 73rd day she had spent the last of her energy and the spell ended as she died in her brother's arms. [3] The spell used to hold the enemy was the Master of the Rolling River, [4] but other said it was the one which was known as Osaku's Lifeblood. [5]

Dark Secrets Edit

Little did anyone know that Osaku's incredible power held a dark secret. The young shugenja had found the prison of an Oni. She visited him regularly and obtained information about Jigoku's powers. This Oni was Nikoma no Oni, who later came to be called as The Maw. Osaku used this information added to what she had learned about Sacrificial Magic against him, channelling that power into a great wall of elemental water blocking the horde from gaining access to the Crab. [6]

Thousand Years of Darkness Edit

In the Nightmare realm known as the Thousand Years of Darkness, there was a Crab Clan shugenja who bore the name of Osaku: Kuni Osaku. [7]

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It has been stated by the Story Team that Secrets of the Shadowlands is incorrect. Osaku did not summon The Maw. The two may however have had another connection.[citation needed]

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