Kuni Okichi

Kuni Okichi

Kuni Okichi was a Crab Clan shugenja and false bloodspeaker who attained enlightenment.

Empire's view on Okichi Edit

Many believed that the Kuni took too many risks. Kuni Okichi was inevitably used as an example of the dangers the Kuni faced. He had a bad reputation an was considered a mad man. Between the Crab he was a legend for the depths to which he had gone to fight the Shadowlands. [1]

Hunter of the Wolf Edit

Kuni Okichi 2

Kuni Okichi

Okichi secretly worked for Isawa Sezaru as the Hunter of the Wolf to infiltrate bloodspeaker groups and destroy them. He was frequently the only survivor of his missions. Many times, Okichi had to fight for his life, and on those occasions no one remained for the Wolf to bring to justice upon the conclusion of the mission. [2]

Enlightenment Edit

Okichi had seen the depths to which mankind might fall, and yet he had retained his self-possession - so far. He sought to understand the beauty of the human soul, because he feared it was the only thing that might wash away the blood and keep the threat of madness at bay forever. [2]

Rakshasa Edit

In 1172 during the Destroyer War the Crab Rikugunshokan Hida Benjiro took him as a secret advisor. Before the war began Benjiro had been trapped behind the Kaiu Wall with an ogre who was chatting nonsenses. In 1171 during the Fall of the Wall he had seen a demon tiger-like of the Destroyers, and the words of the ogre surfaced, recognizing the monster like an immortal and dangerous evil. Benjiro was plagued with dreams that showed and talked about a shapeshifter, a Rakshasa, and Benjiro did not know why the ogre's conversation still was hanuting him. Okichi counseled him about the matter, which would be instrumental in the fight Benjiro would have with the Rakshasa General of Kali-Ma. [1]

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