Kuni Mokuna's Guide 
Kuni Mokuna's Guide
Created by: Kuni Mokuna
First used by: Kuni Mokuna
Currently in the possession of: Kuni Mokuna's shrine at Koten

Kuni Mokuna's Guide was the Guide to the Shadowlands written by Kuni Mokuna. [1]

History Edit

It compiled all of the knowledge Mokuna aquired during his journeys into the Shadowlands. The book's editor was his great-great grandson Kuni Yori. [2] The original copy rested in the Crab ancestral shrine of Koten, inside Mokuna's personal shrine. His spirit could be summoned holding the guide and speaking his name. [1]

Knowledge Edit

It contained information on the habits, abilities and weaknesses of oni, trolls, zombies, and the secrets of numerous odious species as goblins, ogres, and the misunderstood nezumi. [3] The notes on the nezumi were the most controversial and because of this section the Emperor outlawed the text. Later it was simply restricted. [4]

Abilities Edit

The book awakened, and it could lend to any shugenja the ability to cast maho spells without gaining the Shadowlands Taint. This ability was used by Yori to his advantage. [5]

Notable sayings Edit

  • "The pack is the largest organization that the Nezumi can muster." [6]

Known Wielders Edit

External Links Edit


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